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new 3stream2019-04-04 13:01:591533
new vs valueOf()new vs valueOf()2019-03-29 13:04:181371
useful_code_snippets2018-09-21 21:37:452961
converting_array_to_map_in_Java2018-09-21 21:37:091497
converting_array_to_map_in_Java2018-09-21 21:36:301390
converting_array_to_map_in_Java2018-09-21 21:36:071449
useful_code_snippets2018-09-21 21:35:371490
sniptest2018-03-22 08:58:221910
fileioHow to copy a file in java 8. Using JPad as a scripting language.2017-04-29 12:34:143269
40730590-Java Triangular kind of histogram (2) 00:25:002246
40730590-Java Triangular kind of histogram 00:24:442219
40730590-Java Triangular kind of histogramCode example for StackOverflow question #40730590 ( - Java Triangular kind of histogram2016-11-22 00:23:252223
fetch headlines using jsoup2016-09-09 15:55:342824
Interesting try finally trickThe result returned is not the one you expected?2016-05-12 11:18:092987
JSoup Download Page Select CSS ElementUsing JSoup to download a wikipedia page. Then select elements of the page taht matches certain CSS selectors.2016-05-02 23:23:456965
JPad Write to CSV FileWrites objects to CSV using the JPad object to table converter.2016-05-02 23:21:543096
JPad.cache FunctionJpad.cache can be used to prevent repeating expensive calls on each run The callable only gets ran if a cache entry does not already exist.2016-05-02 23:20:503515
Run Command Line Statements JPad.cmdRun command line statements from JPad.2016-05-02 23:19:573244
Test Different OutputTest what happens if I try to link different JPad output to my snippet upload.2016-04-12 13:42:083011
test-errorWhat happens if I try to upload a JPad that has an error?2016-04-12 13:40:582858