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    2016-03-30 Requests:

    >>Could you change error message so it says you need a main method?
    BUG – – Prompting if you close JPad without saving a script, to either save or lose changes. I don’t like silently losing my changes with no warning.
    WIndow Reset – – Way to bring back windows or “fix” them if you get them in a messed up arrangement

    Older ToDos / Ideas

    – Open source the sample code.
    – Open source example visualization plugin
    – expand all sample JTree
    – expand all my tree if very few files
    – JTree show x beside trees that could expand

    Add wipePreferences.bat, see build.xml
    Add jpad-log.bat, see build.xml

    Stackoverflow integration
    – ctrl+Q to search stack overflow popular java questions that then pops up demo code.
    SELECT TOP 200 Q.Id AS [Post Link],Q.* FROM Posts Q WHERE Q.Tags like ‘%%’ AND Q.PostTypeId = 1 ORDER BY Q.ViewCount DESC
    if nothing found option to fallback to google (via website redirect)
    – Generate sample code based on SO questions. i.e. use title, append info + link + code of first answer.
    Similar to stackoverflow search allow adding other users snippets and searching them (monetisation baby!)



    Some quick suggestions:
    – Permalink/script sharing service, with possible web-based execution or at least ability to download and run locally.
    – Rename installer to something like, e.g., JPad_Setup_1.3.0_x86.exe. Too many programs name “setup.exe”.
    – Make highlight of error messages more subtle. The bright red highlight clashes and makes the text hard to read unless you select the line.
    – Improve messaging for exceptions. Currently references something called RunnContainer which seems to be part of underlying application. Also doesn’t seem to always give clear stack traces.
    – It would be cool to have something like “Bookmarked Scripts” pane similar to the Example Scripts, where you can pin your own favorite folders or JPad scripts for reference or quick navigation.
    – I do everything dark theme. Could you add a dark theme preset pretty please 🙂
    – I know this is probably opening a giant can of worms, and not necessarily the direction you want to take JPad, but I would love some Intellisense. I would also be willing to pay for it.



    Hi mellamokb,

    The latest 1.04 release fixes some of the issues you mention:

    JPad Java Scratchpad 1.04 Released

    • Permalink – I am working on right now
    • Dark Theme – I love dark themes and use them. Just don’t think I can make this high priority but I will add it to my list.
    • installer renaming – There was some reason I was forced to use setup.exe I will try to remember it. I’m also considering an autoupdater eventually.
    • Intellisense – Would love this, I’ll add it to my todo list


    1.05 Release added uploaded ability:

    JPad 1.05 Allows Uploading Code Runs

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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